Checklists can be completed on devices of any screen size
Safety checklists are fully configurable and can be accessed on a variety of devices.
Checklist templates can be created easily
Each checklists can have multiple sections and multiple questions.

The only contraint is that each question must require a Yes, No or Not Applicable answer.
Edit, publish, copy, delete, and archive checklist templates
Checklists can be edited multiple times before they are "published" for use.

Existing checklists can be "copied" as a starting point for new or similar checklists.
Index of completed checklists
Safety checklists can be grouped according to organisation structure or business needs.

An index allows completed checklists to be reviewed.
Index of completed checklists for a specific category
Completed checklists acn be accessed though their own index.

This index can be search to quickly find the checklist of interest.