COSHH Risk Assessments

Screenshot of COSHH form
The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health is an important health and safety requirement for many organisations and eHandS allows you to complete your COSHH risk assessments online in a simple and structured way.

The COSHH Assesment form is designed as an activity based risk assessment which allows you to record the use of multiple substances that might be used in any particular activity.
COSHH system pre-populated with hazard statements, precautioanry statements and signal words
The COSHH system is pre-populated with the CLP Hazard Statements, Precautionary Statements and Signal Words.

This saves time, helps ensure consistency and aids compliance.
GHS Pictograms pre-loaded within COSHH software
The system is also pre-populated with the GHS hazard pictograms.

These pictograms are automatically selected based on the relevant hazard statements for the substance.
Material Safety Data Sheet essential information included within COSHH assessment
The COSHH form also allows the essential elements from the Material Safety Data Sheet to be recorded.

With all of this important information recorded in an online system you are able to access this quickly in the event of an accident or emergency.
Control Measures Pictograms are included within the COSHH asssessment
The required PPE is selected by checking the appropriate pictograms.

Additional control measures can also be recorded in a free text box. Multiple control measures can be added, as appropriate.